Wow Your Groom with a Bridal Chemise & Wedding Present

The wedding day is all about the bride, but don’t forget out the weBridal Chemise for your honeymoondding night! Wedding lingerie has certainly evolved from the cotton or linen chemises and corsetry of yore.  Today, it’s all about celebrating a woman’s natural curves in decadent fabrics that delight the senses but offer a flattering fit and fabulous & comfortable feel.  There’s just nothing more beautiful than a glowing bride draped in an elegant bridal chemise.   

At Real Girls, we dress brides for their wedding night in something sexy and supportive.  Our signature Peony Collection of silk chemises can be the perfect place to look for wedding night lingerie, especially if you want something feminine and pretty that offers a great fit and just the right amount of lift.  Designed for curvy vixens, these bridal chemises come in a variety of fabric choices, all made from soft silk charmeuse.  Slip them over your curves and your groom…well, let’s just say your groom will be extra smitten.   

Now that you have the perfect bridal chemise to wear, it’s time to really surprise your groom with something special as a celebration of your love.  Gift him on your wedding day or on your honeymoon with something sensual and personal, something that really captures the passion you share.  How about a photo of you in your wedding night lingerie, a.k.a.  boudoir photography?

Style a Photography Shoot as a Memorable Groom’s Gift

Trust us – if you’re looking for the perfect groom’s gift, photography is an amazing idea! You can go to a boudoir specialty photography studio, other photography studio, or have a girls night in and take the pictures with friends. With a boudoir stuido, you get a unique style of photography where the bride can be photographed in seductive poses in your lingerie (kind of like a vintage vamp or pin up) and the finished photos can be given to the groom in an album or frame as a loving, private gesture. 

If you’re thinking of scheduling a photography shoot with you new bridal chemise in tow, here are some tips to make the experience memorable – with unforgettable results!

Bring several outfits.  The photography shoot can be centered on a theme, but having plenty of options to choose from helps when you want to change things up or ride a wave of creativity.  Bring several lingerie or outfit choices, with shoes and accessories for each.  Change things up between shots starting with something sweet and girly then something a bit racier. 

Choose makeup, hairstyles, and accessories that make you feel absolutely breathtaking.  These photos are designed to take your groom’s breath away – so show some va-va-voom in your choices!

Be confident! It’ll shine through in your photos and there’s nothing sexier.