A Chemise is the Perfect Lingerie

A chemise is the perfect lingerie because it flatters most figures.  A chemise hugs the bust and flows through the waist and thighs mimicking the contours of curvy women or creating the hourglass silhouette100% Silk Chemise even when one may not exist.

A chemise is sensual and emphasizes sexuality making it a brilliant choice for lingerie for weddings.  A floral chemise is especially romantic. 


The Real Girls Peony Collection consists of a 100% silk chemise.  The uniquely designed chemise with support enhances your curves.  It has a sweetheart neckline and built-in underwire with full bra design to create this support.  A cutout and back clasps help produce the flawless fit.

Available in an assortment of colors, options include midnight, ice blue, dotted taupe and pink floral chemise.

Floral ChemiseThe chemise is made of 100% charmeuse silk.  Charmeuse silk is known as a luxury fabric, has a delicate soft feel that is light weight.  The smooth, flat surface makes the front lustrous and reflective, where as the back has a sheen similar to the back of a stained-glass window.  The fabric also drapes beautifully.   Charmeuse silk is fabric suited perfectly for high-end, quality, lingerie.

The word "charmeuse" comes from the French word for a female charmer and that’s exactly what can happen when you slip into the Real Girls silk chemise.


Dating back to the 13th century, a chemise was originally an undergarment or loose hanging dress.  The English renamed it a “frock” and still use the term today for a simple dress.

The modern chemise became popular during the 1920s and is synonymous with the Flapper Generation and their fashion.  Today a chemise is lingerie or intimate apparel, that is sleeveless, usually an a-line bias cut, and slightly-fitted through the bodice.  A chemise may be any length from just below the hips to the ankles.