D Cup ~ Average Size in USA?

Are you a D-cup? DD-cup??

At Real Girls, we cater to real women who know how to embrace their curves. That’s one of the reasons our own collections of silk chemises and ultrasoft mesh camisole sets focus on the full busted cup size = D-cup, DD-Cup, E-cup and F-cup lingerie. 

What is the average bra cup size in the United States? 

Has someone ever telephoned you and said “This is a professional survey, it will only take a moment, and we are not selling anything”, then proceeded to ask you “What is your bra cup size?”  We haven’t experienced this and don’t think anyone else has either.  Nor are we randomly getting selected for “bra checks” (except by the creepy guys at college bars, which we just walk away from).  So it’s unlikely that we really know what the average bra cup size is.  Our only true source is- what size are women buying?

In the 1980’s most women were purchasing B-cups.  However average sizing has slowly drifted upwards.  Some studies show D cup lingerie as the average women’s size today, while other studies still show 44% of women are a B cup.   The specialty stores most sold item is DD cup lingerie, more likely since this size is not as readily available in traditional stores.

What is the average bra cup size internationally?

Again, it’s a very unscientific approach using the bra sales as a guide.  Asia averages an A cup.  Russia and Scandinavia rank as DD-cup lingerie or larger.   Africa is a little puzzling since the average size varied per country as an A-cup or B-cup.  Although their ancestry is the same, African American woman have an average D-cup lingerie size.

Real Girls availability

Real Girls specializes in bust support lingerie for women of all cup sizes.  Since large busted women may be more apt for this design, Real Girls has a special emphasis on this sizing.  Real Girls are always available in Misses' sizing medium, large, and x-large.  Our cup sizing is available in two sizes:

                B cup lingerie (standard cup)
                C cup lingerie (standard cup)
                D cup lingerie (large cup)       
                DD cup lingerie (large cup)   
                E cup lingerie (large cup)    
                F cup lingerie (large cup)

Real Girls also carries the Claudette line of bras that are available in band sizing 32-38.  All band sizes are available in lingerie cup sizes – B-cup, C-cup, D-cup, DD-cup, E-cup, F-cup, G-cup. 

Please refer to the Real Girls size chart prior to purchase.  If you have any questions on sizing, please contact us.