Large Busted Lingerie: How and Where to Find It

Dressing "the girls", especially if they're *ahem* enthusiastic in size, is a challenge that frustrates every real girl. You want pretty florals, Large Busted Lingerie for Buxom Womenluxurious fabrics, and a fit to match – but actually FINDING it in large busted lingerie?  Well, that's an adventure.

First, think about what closely matches your sense of style. Are you an effortlessly elegant little black dress and pearls kind of girl or are you a stunningly sultry vixen with high heels, a bright red lip, and a fiery disposition? Know your sense of style and what makes you feel most beautiful. If you're not sure where to begin, take a look at your closet. Do you notice a pattern of fabrics, colors, or details?

With your sense of style in mind, start browsing. In your search, always consider the 3 F's: fit, feel, and flatter:

Large Bust Lingerie Specialists1.  Is this lingerie large busted in a way that is going to fit me? Does it offer enough support? Is it the appropriate size? The best large busted lingerie should showcase features that make it easy for you to wear lingerie comfortably and with confidence, like underwire support, adjustable straps, and soft cups.
2.  What is this piece made of? Is the fabric high quality? Will this feel luxurious against my skin? Silks are always a deliciously decadent choice for lingerie fabric, but there are several other varieties that can be great too! Think about what would feel amazing and it'll often lead you to the perfect lingerie.
3.  Will I feel confident that I'll look absolutely gorgeous in this piece? Don't choose lingerie just because it's there. Choose lingerie that you absolutely L-O-V-E.

Asking yourself these questions can make shopping for large busted lingerie much easier.

As for where to go for large busted lingerie made with you in mind, we always recommend shopping with a real girl ;)

At Real Girls, we design and craft large busted lingerie espeially with your hourglass figure in mind. We want to help you show off the girls while feeling beautiful in whatever you're wearing.  Our selection of silk chemises, camisole sets, and more ensures that you can always find large busted lingerie that lives up to the 3 F's (fit, feel, flatter) and celebrates that amazing figure you have.