Bust Support Lingerie with Style

Real Girls intimate apparel is designed for the buxom bustline with designs that provide bust support bust support lingerie by Real Girls without sacrificing quality or style. We provide women of all shapes and sizes with that extra spark of confidence that comes with wearing great lingerie. 

Camisole lingerie with support Real Girls achieves our unique design of bust support lingerie by incorporating built-in bras within the lingerie.  The designs also include adjustable shoulder straps of at least 3/8” inch width, and may have a cutout back with adjustable back clasps to create a better fit.

When people hear of bust support lingerie they associate this with frumpy garments and an aging clientele, at Real Girls this is not the reality.  Our collections are fashionable and based on mainstream styling, the only difference you will find between Real Girls and other intimate apparel companies is that we focus on bust support as part of all of our lingerie designs.

Silk chemise with underwire for supportThe Peony Collection 100% silk chemise with underwire built into the full bra design is our signature piece.  This design uses lingerie underwire that is delicate to increase comfort and avoid pocking, as well as to eliminate damage to the charmeuse silk lingerie fabric. 

Our Zinnia Collection is made from ultrasoft mesh.  The Zinnia camisole uses a triangular cupped bra inset to create the lingerie support. 


Women of many shapes and sizes desire bust support lingerie to aid in creating that extra spark of confidence during those intimate moments.  Curvy and buxom women desire the support to create the natural lift which size may, unfortunately, diminish.  Aging, Claudette Dessous bra and Claudette cool cotton brapregnancy, and breast-feeding cause breast tissue to lose its elasticity and firmness, making women want the support to lessen this perception.  Finally, there are some women who are not as perky as they wish.

To accommodate all these different sizes, Real Girl lingerie offers Misses' sizing medium, large, and x-large.  All available in two cup sizes:  standard cup lingerie for b-cup or c-cup or large cup lingerie for d-cup, dd-cup, or e-cup.  Please refer to the Real Girls size chart for detailed size information.