A Chemise with Support is a Wonderful Thing, Indeed!

At Real Girls we are always talking about the unmentionables – especially when we're talking about finding gorgeous lingerie that you feel amazing in!  The chemise is a staple of any real girl's unmentionables drawer and has a rich history.Silk Chemise with supportWorn for centuries, the chemise is a garment that wasn't always considered to be lingerie. In fact, the earliest incarnations of the chemise were anything but pretty and focused more on function than on form (and we’re not talking about chemises with support, either).  Prior to the 20th Century chemises were more what we would call an undershirt today.

Early chemises were usually made from linen and were designed to protect clothing from the body's natural oils. Both men and women at times throughout history wore chemises and eventually, it evolved into a garment simply for women.

The early chemise was anything but supportive. Usually constructed relatively shapeless, this undergarment was most often worn as a base layer and corsetry and petticoats added shape to a woman's silhouette.  The chemise was often hidden under these layers.

Thankfully, with time and style (thank you Flapper Generation), the chemise has developed into a classic piece of lingerie that flatters just about every figure, but not all chemises are created equal.


Chemises today are sleeveless garments that are often an a-line bias cut and semi fitted through the bodice and waistline.  The result is a purely feminine silhouette that accentuates curves, as it glides beautifully over the breasts and hips. However, most chemises lack the bust support needed to flatter a curvy shape or large bust.

A Real Girls silk chemise is different. Our chemises offer support so that not only do you look incredible in our lingerie, but you also feel confident knowing that your curves are treated with care. These chemises with support feature an inset soft-cup, underwire brassiere that boosts not only your bust, but also your confidence (FINALLY – lingerie that fits!). Adjustable straps and ultrafine clasps on the back ensure the perfect fit for your natural shape.

Besides the fit, one of the best things about our chemise with support is the fabric. Made from 100% silk charmeuse, these chemises appear to have the reflection of a stained-glass window and are so luxuriously soft you know you are wearing the most elegant and sensual fabric available. 

As for styles to choose from, our chemise with support comes in floral, patterned, and solid designs. Simply choose the one you love best and slip it on to feel like the amazingly beautiful, real girl you are.