What Every Hourglass Needs To Know

What is an hourglass? 

The hourglass figure tends to be synonymous with most people’s image of the perfect female form – slender through the waist with a fuller bust and fuller hips.  In a true hourglass figure, the hip and bust measurements would be almost symmetrical, while the waist would be 75% of that measurement. 

The name hourglass came about because the figure looks very much like the hourglass timer, which dates back to the 8th century.   Remember, the timer from board games?  That’s an hourglass.

In modern days, we may compare the hourglass figure to that of a daiquiri glass – nice and curvy.

Lingerie exclusively for Hourglass figuresHow do you dress an hourglass?

The key to successfully dressing the hourglass figure is highlighting your curves.  Your goal is to create balance with clothing that nips in at the waist and shows off your bust, without over accentuating the hips.  It’s best to avoid outfits that add bulk at the bustline and gathers at the hips.  The former may make you appear out of proportion, while the later may make the area look larger than it really is. 

Showing skin is also a great technique for the hourglass figure.  V-neck and open collar garments and three-quarter or half-sleeves will help balance the eye.

Specific styles for the hourglass are the a-line which flatters your hips or wrap dresses & tops feature the slender waist. 

What about lingerie & the hourglass?

Women come in all shapes and size, but the hourglass figure has often been one of the most coveted.  Renaissance artists depicted female bodies with hourglass shapes.  A recent university study (Georgia Gwinnett College) has shown that when men view pictures of curvaceous females, their brain chemistry even changes in a manner similar to what drugs or alcohol would do.  There is no contesting, that lingerie is the perfect match for the hourglass figure.

How do you select the appropriate hourglass lingerie to match your figure?  The most important part is selecting lingerie that shows off your assets.  You should look for pieces that:
-  Support the bust
-  Accentuate the waist
-  Relax over the hips

Real Girls lingerie is designed with an emphasis on the hourglass figure.  Our hourglass lingerie possesses the components that flatter the curves of an hourglass silhouette.  Our lingerie includes support uppers with underwire or other features and the a-line drape, which highlights all the curves in just the right places. 

What else do I need to know about my hourglass?

When selecting a fitness routine, think about how you want your body to look when you have accomplished your goals.  If you want to maintain your hourglass, you want to tone your abs and arms.  What you don’t want to do is add bulk to your shoulders, stomach, and thighs.   While water aerobics can be a hit for the hourglass shape.  Cycling and lap swimming are better for the other body types. 

The hourglass, like everyone else, can benefit from a healthy lifestyle eating balance meals, walking 10,000 steps per day, and laugh out loud to bring on those healthy endorphins. 


Always embrace your curves, knowing that you are one of the lucky ones who was born with an hourglass shape.